Kansas Life

  • Don’s Kansas Insights

    Don’s Kansas Insights

    On occasion Don writes about things, life-styles or issues pertinent to the State of Kansas; often separate from the legislature. Sometimes legislative issues overlap the more general interest “Kansas Life” topics – simply take that as an illustration of just … Continue reading →Read More »
  • Cowboy Logic from Don Hineman

    Cowboy Logic from Don Hineman

    As a life-long farmer/rancher and resident of western Kansas, Don has a somewhat unique perspective of people, and of life in general.  He passes along some of country-style wisdom in each of his newsletters – including the life-lessons of his … Continue reading →Read More »
  • Don’s Quote of the Week

    Don’s Quote of the Week

    Following in his father’s footsteps, Don provides a “Quote of the Week” with most of his newsletters and mailings. As Don notes in his March 31, 2010 “From the Capitol” newsletter… “And finally a definition, found on a scrap of … Continue reading →Read More »
  • Don’s Sermon in a Sentence

    Don’s Sermon in a Sentence

    As a long-time member of the Dighton United Methodist Church, Don has, on occasion, had the opportunity to deliver sermons (see Don’s Speeches and Writings) to a full congregation. As a life-long resident of western Kansas he also knows how … Continue reading →Read More »